When we say pesticide-free we mean it, Passion Flower does 3rd party testing on all partner farms to ensure we're providing clean cannabis only!
Passion Flower is proud to be Washington State's only full-gram ceramic vape cartridge supplier!
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Sourced for their high terpene content, Passion Flower concentrates bring the delicious terpy flavor cannabis connoisseurs love!
Nectar Drops are potent, portable, and precise. Each 3ml vial has 100mg of THC packed into it, with each drop delivering 1mg THC at a time!

Clean Cannabis For All

Welcome to Passion Flower Cannabis Collective! Brought to you by the team at Fairwinds – Washington’s most trusted cannabis wellness brand – our interests at Passion Flower are simple. We’re all about providing top quality, pesticide-free cannabis products to all Washington consumers. For us, it comes down to one simple reality…

Pesticide Free Flower

We’ve Partnered With A Few Select Farms That We’ve Vetted Thoroughly.

Most importantly, we require that all of our partners’ grow operations be completely free of any and all pesticides. When we say pesticide-free cannabis, we truly mean it – every Passion Flower product comes with third-party pesticide testing to back this up!


Terpene-Packed Concentrates

Sourced using pesticide-free flower only, Passion
Flower concentrates are extracted using the same
terpene capture method as we do over at Fairwinds.
Our concentrates provide all the delicious flavor,
taste, and effect consumers love!

Your Favorite Pre-Rolls
in a Variety of Strains

Made using high-quality pesticide-free full flower
buds. Passion Flower pre-rolls come with 2 half-gram
joints, in a variety of your favorite strains! We
carefully pack each one for you to be ready to enjoy
with friends at your next smoke sesh!

Washington State's only Full-gram ceramic vape cartridge

For us at Passion Flower, making the choice to use ceramic
vape cartridges over steel was simple. As Washington State’s
only full-gram fully ceramic vape cartridge supplier, we’re
happy and excited to be leading the way with this new
technology. You’ll notice the difference as soon a you puff on
Passion Flower vapes.

New Innovative edibles -
high potency nectar drops

Nectar Drops have 100mg THC stuffed into a small 3ml
vial. We wanted an edible that was potent, for those
looking for all the effects, minus the added sugars and
emulsifiers. Nectar Drops are also precise, made to cater
to those needing smaller doses as well, with each drop
giving just 1mg THC.
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