Passion Flower's NEW Distillate Cartridges

Why Our Distillate Cartridges Are better:

In addition to our best-selling PHO vapes, Passion Flower now offers full gram distillate cartridges! We’re confident that our new distillate vapes are the best available in Washington – but what makes them different from the other distillate vapes you see on dispensary shelves? Let’s dive in and find out.

Pesticide-Free Cannabis

1. Our Distillates Are Always 100% Pesticide-Free

Just like everything else we make, our distillate vapes are third-party tested to guarantee that they’re totally free of any pesticides. While the majority of distillate vapes out there use terms like “pesticide free” or, our personal favorite, “pesticide safe”, there are very few options out there that are actually completely free of pesticides. Things that say “pesticide free” usually mean that, though the plants used may have been grown using pesticides, the oil tested showed that any residual pesticides were only present in the low parts per million count. When things say “pesticide safe”, it typically means that pesticides were detected in the finished oil, but that they were still beneath the legal cutoff limits determined by the Washington LCB (Liquor and Cannabis Board). 

When we use the term pesticide-free on our products, we mean it. We absolutely refuse to use any distillate that has been extracted from flower where any pesticides were used in the growing process – if no pesticides were used in the grow process, there won’t be any in the final product! We also third-party test each batch to confirm that it’s up to our (admittedly very high) standards. If any pesticides are detected at all, we won’t use that oil. Why have such strict practices regarding pesticides? It’s all because we want our customers to know that when we promise something, we mean it. And we’re dedicated to proving that clean cannabis is possible.

2. We use only cannabis-derived terpenes

Distillate is a great option for potency, as it typically tests anywhere between 80-95% THC. However, because of how it’s extracted, there are rarely any of the strain’s original terpenes left over. This means that when creating distillate vapes, it’s necessary to add in terpenes in order to avoid a plasticky flavor, return to a strain’s original taste, and provide a wider range of effects than THC can provide on its own.

When going through this process, most brands add in botanical terpenes – compounds extracted from a variety of plants that aren’t cannabis. While there’s no inherent harm to doing this, as botanical terpenes are typically very safe for consumption, there are some differences in the taste, effect, and overall quality of these when compared with cannabis-derived terpenes. You can learn more about the difference in how terpenes are extracted in our blog. Although botanical terpenes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s really important to us to represent the truest version of the cannabis strains used to create a distillate vape possible. Because of this, we’re committed to using cannabis-derived terpenes exclusively. This allows us to provide people with distillate that’s potent, very flavorful, and presents an accurate representation of its strain. We’re one of the only distillate vape providers in Washington that doesn’t use any botanical terpenes in our cartridges!

Terpene Capture - Distillate Vapes
Clean Cannabis For All

3. We blend our terpene-rich P.H.O. with distillate

Quite possibly the biggest difference between our distillate vapes and other options out there is that we blend distillate with our in-house extracted oil. This lends even more consistency and flavor to the finished product! Roughly 10% of each cartridge is made with the same terpene-rich extract that goes into our standard vapes. Right now, there are no other distillate vapes on the market that use this unique process – and we’re confident that you’ll notice the difference in both flavor and effect when you try ours.

There you have it! Next time you’re at your favorite dispensary looking at vapes, be sure to keep an eye out for Passion Flower distillate. We’d love to hear from you once you try it out!

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