Results for the 2022 First Annual Lightup Cup

When we first heard about a new cannabis competition for Washington State manufacturers, we were SO excited to get involved. With this being the first year of the event, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the turnout was incredible and we were stoked to get to be there and join in on the fun! Everything from joint rolling competitions to live music, so many happy faces – the team truly enjoyed seeing everyone! 

The most exciting part of the evening for us was learning how many first-place trophies we took home for our products! Between Passion Flower and Fairwinds submissions, we won the first-place prize for 4 different categories! Here are the products that won, and why we just love them so much:

  • Garlic Jam with CBN: So much to say about this beloved cartridge – If you have a hard time finding a good heavy-hitting Indica that REALLY puts you where you need to be, Garlic Jam is the one to get the job done! The added CBN is really what takes this cartridge all the way home and puts it at the top of the favorites list for heavy indica lovers! All this goodness is placed in a fully ceramic cartridge that allows you to taste every flavor note in the smoothest fashion. 
  • Blueberry Muffin: If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dabbing some Blueberry Muffin Live Resin, you’ll know exactly why this won first place. It’s everything you want in a concentrate and more! We recommend dabbing this baby at a low temp so you can really appreciate all the terpy goodness this strain offers – And let us just say, it truly was named blueberry muffin for a reason! The delicious taste paired with the relaxing, chill experience it provides, puts it in a class all of its own!
  • Flow Cream: Our flow cream has won multiple awards for how wonderfully it works! – including a Dope Cup award for best topical! Our flow cream is made with a blend of cannabinoids, clinically-proven terpenes, essential oils, and herbal extracts that help support fast-acting relief while ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid promote overall skin health!
  • Flow Cooling Stick: Flow cooling sticks are a favorite for those who want all the benefits of a topical, without all the mess. Made using equal parts THC, CBD, and CBG, flow sticks really penetrate deep to provide relief to sore muscles wherever and whenever you need it! Flows sticks are made with our unique Canna Vera formula that is comprised of polysaccharides, lipids and waxes juiced from the cannabis plant, we use Canna Vera due to its shea butter-like consistency, and because it delivers a noticeable difference in effects.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people involved in helping Fairwinds and Passion Flower continue to grow and produce the clean cannabis products we do. Without our store’s dedication to educating themselves on our products and then offering them to the people who really benefit from them, we couldn’t continue to do the work we so love. Cheers to you, thank you!

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