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If you’re shopping for vape cartridges in Washington, there’s no shortage of options. But when you choose Passion Flower cartridges, you know you’re getting the state’s only full-gram, all-ceramic vape. Plus, you can trust that it’s 100% free of pesticides and is made using no artificial flavors or additives, just like everything else we grow and make.

So now that you’ve got your new cartridge, how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of it and avoiding common problems like leaking or oil discoloration? Here are some quick, easy tips to help you ensure you have the best experience possible!

1. Use your vape battery’s lowest heat/voltage setting

Most vape pen batteries have similar heat settings, often denoted by the color light that flashes around the button when it’s pressed. We recommend always using the lowest heat setting available – usually, that’s green or blue, but it may vary for some batteries. If you have a battery with a customizable voltage setting, around 3-3.3 volts is a great starting point.

2. Connect the vape cartridge to the battery, but don’t over-tighten

It’s important to make sure your cartridge is connected to the heating element of your battery, but if it’s tightened completely, the connection can remain activated, causing the oil to continue heating. This can cause discoloration in the oil and may burn off some of the terpenes in the cartridge as well. 

3. Turn battery off and/or disconnect cartridge from battery between uses

This is another easy way to prevent the oil in your cart from overheating, discoloring, or losing tasty terpene content! If you’re using a button-operated battery, it’s best to cycle it off when you’re not actively using it. If your battery is automatic or doesn’t have a button, we’d recommend removing the cartridge from the battery completely when it’s not being used.

4. Store vape cartridge upright when not in use

While this might not have the same impact on the oil’s color, it can definitely impact your cartridge’s overall functionality if it’s not stored in an upright position. When the oil tips towards the mouthpiece of the cartridge and away from the heating element at the bottom, it can be difficult to properly heat it again. This can cause a burnt flavor when using the cartridge and can also reduce the amount of vapor you get per hit.

5. Be sure to clear your hit entirely

The last thing we’d suggest for maximizing your vape function is to clear a hit entirely. For button-operated batteries, be sure you continue to draw on the cartridge for 1-2 seconds after releasing the button. Clearing hits will help to avoid already-heated oil from remaining in the cartridge, preventing burned terpenes from ruining the taste of the rest of your cartridge. 

These few easy steps is all it takes to make sure your Passion Flower vape cart performs at its best for as long as you own it.  

As always, clean cannabis is possible!

Team Passion Flower,


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Pesticide Free Ceramic Vape Cartridges