7 Summer Cannabis Related Must-Haves

Summer is finally just around the corner – and here in the PNW where we’ve been having one of the rainiest springs in recorded history, it feels long overdue! Here are seven things we think you need to get the most out of what we’re calling High Girl Summer (or guy, or however you identify)!

1: Smell-Proof Stash Bag

When you’re heading out for a summer day’s adventure, chances are good you’re bringing some cannabis along for the journey. And while some folks couldn’t care less if the weed they’ve got smells up the car, others may want to be a little more discreet about what they’re packing. That’s where Dime Bags enters the chat. They offer smell-proof stash bags in a variety of different sizes and colors, all made from hemp for maximum sustainability. Our recommendation for your summer travels is their mini stash bag: it comes with its own rolling tray, it’s padded, and is the perfect size for throwing in a larger backpack or carrying by itself!

2: Passion Flower Nectar Drops

Potent. Portable. Precise. And exactly the kind of edible you need this summer. Our Nectar Drops are the perfect addition to any excursion! Delivering exactly 1mg THC per drop, these powerhouse beverage alternatives are designed to let you choose your own adventure. They’re available in strawberry or citrus flavors, as well as unflavored, strain-specific live resin. Plus, with a water-based option coming soon, you’ll have the choice to infuse any beverage you’d like with our Drink Drops!

3: Stundenglass Mini Gravity Bong

Ok, the Stundenglass Kompact isn’t the most affordable item on the list. But sometimes, summer is about the Treat Yourself mentality – and having this portable gravity bong around is sure to make you a hit at your next smoke sesh. Stundenglass uses high-quality materials and their unique gravity design provides an unparalleled smoking experience. Pack a bowl of your favorite strain and prepare for a truly good time.

4: Hemp Sunscreen

Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a hike, or just lounging in your backyard, protecting your skin from the sun is always important. Fortunately, just about anything can be made using hemp – including sunscreen! We’re partial to Uncle Bud’s SPF 50, which can be ordered online or purchased at most Target locations. It’s made with hemp seed oil and doesn’t contain any cannabinoids, so while it won’t get you high, it will help you avoid getting a bad sunburn. Just make sure you use it before you get stoned so you don’t forget! 

5: Fairwinds Ready To Mix Drink Powders

Not much says summer like enjoying an ice-cold drink. And while there are plenty of infused beverages available in WA dispensaries, that’s not the only option! Fairwinds makes a variety of flavored drink mix powders that you can add into any beverage. Just add the powder to your favorite drink, mix to combine, and then add ice to chill! At 10mg per package and with a flavor lineup made up of Margarita, Pina Colada, Strawberry Lemonade, Classic Lemonade, and Tropical Hawaiian, there’s an RTM for everyone.

6: Toker Poker

Not every aspect of smoking weed is glamorous – ashing out a bowl when you’re on the go has historically involved tapping it upside down on any sort of surface and praying that the glass doesn’t break. Bid those days farewell this summer with the Toker Poker! This lighter case not only helps customize your lighter so your friends don’t keep pocketing it (we’ve all been there), it also comes with a bottle opener, a flat-ended section to pack down bowls… and, most importantly, a small stick that’s perfect for clearing out your bowl once it’s been burned down. This tool is truly the Swiss Army Knife of cannabis paraphernalia.

7: Passion Flower CBG Cartridges

Last – certainly not least – on our list of things you need to bring your summer to its highest point (pun 100% intended) are Passion Flower CBG cartridges! Perfect for maintaining a buzz on busy days without clouding the mind or making you feel couch-locked, our CBG carts use the same all-ceramic hardware as all of our other vapes. With strains like Jack Herer and Sour Tangie available, you’re sure to get the energy you need for even more fun in the sun. 

And just like that, you’re ready for wherever this summer takes you. Enjoy the warmth, stay safe, and have fun – Passion Flower style!

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