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Have you ever wondered what makes cannabis so medicinal? Or simply why it is so different than other plants? Well, the answer to this lies in its unique chemical makeup. One of those components is flavonoids, and they are more important than you think! In this article, we will explain what flavonoids are, their role in cannabis, and the benefits associated with them. 

What Are Flavonoids? 

Flavonoids are a group of naturally occurring compounds found in many plants. They play a critical role in plant growth and development. Flavonoids give plants antioxidant protection from environmental stressors such as ultraviolet radiation or extreme temperatures. They also help plants produce pigments that create the vibrant colors we see in flowers and fruits. 

In addition to being present in many plants, flavonoids are also found in some foods like tea, dark chocolate, apples, and onions. These dietary flavonoids have been studied for their potential health benefits such as reducing inflammation or promoting heart health. 

Cannabis & Flavonoid Research 

While there is much research on flavonoids in general, there has been limited research specifically examining their potential effects when consumed via cannabis products. One study conducted by researchers at Washington State University looked at the effects of CBD-rich cannabis extracts on inflammation levels in mice with colitis (inflammation of the colon). The researchers found that treatment with CBD significantly reduced inflammation compared to control groups not given CBD. It is important to note, as, with all research on cannabis, more is needed to really show the full range of cannabis benefits. However, the research we have seen is pretty impressive.

The Role of Flavonoids in Cannabis 

There are over 20 known flavonoid compounds within the cannabis plant – each providing specific health benefits. Some of these include quercetin which can reduce inflammation; kaempferol which has anti-cancer properties; luteolin which is an antioxidant; apigenin which can calm muscle spasms; and myricetin which can reduce anxiety (to name just a few). It’s worth noting that certain varieties of cannabis contain more flavonoid content than others due to cross-breeding or cultivation techniques used by growers. The presence of flavanols increases the therapeutic potential of cannabis-based products for medical use, offering relief from a range of symptoms including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia among others.      

 Benefits Of Flavonoids In Cannabis

 With all this talk about flavonoids, you may be wondering what types of benefits they provide when consumed with cannabis products. Well here’s the scoop – first they offer users extra protection against oxidative stress (which is caused by free radicals). This means that when consuming cannabinoids like THC or CBD with flavonols, your body is better able to protect itself against damage caused by environmental toxins or aging processes such as wrinkles or age spots on the skin! Secondly, they act as natural anti-inflammatories so if you suffer from joint pains then taking advantage of these powerful compounds may provide relief without the harsh side effects typically seen with pharmaceutical drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin. Lastly, they enhance moods making it easier for users to focus on tasks at hand while feeling relaxed yet alert – perfect for those who need an extra boost during long hours spent studying/working, etc!

All this to say – there’s no doubt that flavanols offer great health benefits when taken alongside cannabinoid products! Whether you’re looking for relief from inflammation or just want an extra kick to get through your day – consuming cannabis infused with these powerful compounds could be exactly what you need! So next time you’re shopping around for edibles/oils make sure to look out for those containing high levels of flavanols – your body will thank you later!

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