An Brief Overview on Microdosing Cannabis

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, chances are good you’ve heard of microdosing. It’s been gaining more and more popularity lately due to its potential long-term benefits. Let’s dive in to learn more about how microdosing interacts with the human body – and its potential benefits!

First, we have to take a brief look at what microdosing actually is. The term refers to taking small amounts of any substance (in this case, cannabinoids like THC and CBD) on a regular basis – typically around 1 to 5 mg per serving. Such a small amount of THC does not cause any intoxicating effects for most consumers, and can lend some real benefits without the possible negative side effects of the cannabinoid.

Impacts of Microdosing on the Body

Microdosing has a different action mechanism than standard/higher doses of roughly 10mg THC or more per day. When microdosing, it’s best to start with a very minute dosage. If you’re already familiar with cannabis and its effects, it can be beneficial to take a tolerance break before starting microdosing in order to “cleanse” your system. 

You can analyze the effects of microdosing by thinking about the mindset of new cannabis consumers. When you were a beginner yourself, it’s likely that a tiny amount of cannabis could have incredible effects for you – but as you continued regular use, your tolerance increased. If that’s the case, even higher doses may not do the job as efficiently as before. It is safe to say that microdosing is an excellent way of experiencing beginner-level effects. This is able to happen because you wait long enough for your system to basically “clean out”, and the process of starting back up very slowly allows for the true impact of microdosing.

Potential benefits of microdosing

  • Improved Focus

Integrating microdosing cannabis into your daily or weekly routine has auspicious effects. People who lack focus or have a short attention span have reportedly benefitted from microdosing.

  • Intensified Creativity

The artist’s block, the most significant barrier to an artist’s development, seems to have a solution now. While cannabis has always been considered a creative muse, microdosing might also be a great way to restart that innovative part of the artist’s soul.


  • Improved Communication

Most people may not know about this potential effect of microdosing; however, many have reported a better understanding of their partner or other loved ones after microdosing with cannabis regularly. It mainly happens because small amounts of THC help people to become calmer; when people are truly relaxed, they’re likely to be more honest, less irritated, and generally a better person to be around.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Skills

Microdosing THC can induce a sense of calm and soothe the senses. As a result, you may be more likely to look at more profound things instead of just superficial ones. So, if you have a taste for spiritualism, you might know more about it after microdosing unlocks your senses.

  • Escalated Energy Level

Last but not least, a well-known effect of microdosing is that it can help to boost your energy. If you are done with your passive and unenergetic self, give microdosing a shot! When done correctly, it just might provide you with an unparalleled energy level that you can currently only dream of.


How long the effects of microdosing lasts depend on your personal method of microdosing. However, it is necessary to consider that microdosing is not a permanent solution or treatment to any possible underlying medical condition. Scenarios such as lack of focus, loss of relationship dynamics between partners, and low energy levels may be after-effects of certain medical conditions. If your troubles persist, make sure you consult a professional for that.

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