The Vermont Cannabis Retailers Association (CRAV) has just announced an exciting two-day music festival that is set to rock the Green Mountain State in September. Aptly named “Higher Calling,” this festival is more than just a celebration of music; it’s a rallying call to support and uplift the local cannabis businesses that were impacted by a recent natural disaster.

The event promises not only a sensational line-up of national and local performers but also a chance for the community to come together and make a difference.

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Music festival main stage.

Coming Together in the Face of Adversity

In the aftermath of the devastating flooding that struck Vermont on July 10th, businesses across the state, including numerous cannabis establishments, were severely affected.

CRAV swiftly responded by planning a spectacular music festival, Higher Calling, scheduled for September. This two-day extravaganza will not only offer a weekend of captivating music performances but will also serve as a fundraiser for the struggling cannabis businesses in Vermont.

History of Music Festivals

Music festivals have been around for a long time (dating back to 6th century BCE in Ancient Greece) but specifically festivals that partner with cannabis companies and encourage or endorse cannabis use? That is a newer development.

Some festivals like the Newport Music Festivals dating back to the 50’s and Woodstock dating back to the 60’s were considered places where a bunch of people would partake in cannabis, but that wasn’t necessarily the festival’s purpose.

With the pandemic, all music festivals took a hard hit, of course. This year we’re seeing a resurgence of music festivals, but many are now up and coming with cannabis company partners and sponsors.

For example, the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C. made a comeback this year with huge headliners and big vendors. More and more festivals with this same formula seem to be popping up. Higher Calling being one of them.

A Festival with a Purpose

CRAV is actively seeking sponsors for Higher Calling to cover the festival’s expenses. And here’s the heartwarming part: any surplus sponsorship revenue will directly aid the cannabis businesses that were hit hard by the recent floods.

But that’s not all; CRAV is going above and beyond by pledging a minimum of 50 percent of the ticket sales to the Higher Calling fund. With an anticipated attendance of at least 1,500 people over the festival weekend, the impact is set to be significant.

Todd Bailey, the executive director of CRAV, expressed the organization’s determination to support the community: “We had been planning this music festival for weeks, but once the flooding occurred we immediately shifted gears, knowing our community was going to need financial support. Between our pre-roll fundraiser and the music festival we hope to raise at least $150,000 for the people in our community who are trying to recover and get back to business after suffering significant losses due to flooding.”

A Melodic Journey for a Cause

The journey towards healing and recovery began with a pre-roll fundraiser initiated by CRAV. The proceeds from participating retailers’ pre-roll sales will contribute to the fund, aiding qualified cannabis businesses. The Higher Calling music festival, the pinnacle of these collective efforts, will resonate with powerful melodies on September 15th and 16th at the scenic Pransky Farm in Cabot, Vermont. The festival production is in the capable hands of The Zenbarn, located in Waterbury.

Noah Fishman of Zenbarn shared the incredible response from artists: “We had musicians from around the country asking us how they could help… even though it was last minute we’ve had artists adjust their busy schedules to support this cause.”

A Star-Studded Lineup for an Unforgettable Weekend

Collaborating with Zenbarn and Loose Leaf Talent Agency, CRAV has curated a captivating lineup that promises to captivate music aficionados. Prepare to groove to the rhythm of long-standing funk legends The Motet and enjoy the genre-defying lespecial on Friday night.

Saturday will bring the talents of NYC-based bluegrass/hip-hop ensemble Ganstagrass and MTV VMA Award winner Supaman. The festivities continue with Marcus Rezak’s Shred is Dead and other local Vermont talents throughout the day.

Going to a Music Festival in Washington State?

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Join the Movement and Make a Difference

Tickets for the Higher Calling festival are now available for purchase at Seven Days Tickets. Secure your spot for an unforgettable experience while contributing to the recovery of the cannabis community. Prices start at $50 for Friday night, $85 for Saturday only, and $125 for both days, camping included.

As the recovery process continues, CRAV is committed to supporting its community. Lauren Andrews, owner of Capital Cannabis in Montpelier, shared her experience: “We have received dozens of emails, calls and texts from our customers, and friends and partners in the cannabis community, offering help…knowing we are part of a caring community that looks out after each other.”

To learn more about this impactful event, the pre-roll fundraiser, or CRAV’s efforts, visit their website at And to secure your tickets for the Higher Calling festival, head to Higher Calling Tickets. Let’s come together, enjoy incredible music, and support Vermont’s cannabis businesses on their journey to recovery.

A Future Full of Festivities & Cannabis

With more and more states legalizing medical and recreational adult cannabis use, we hope to see more music festivals that incorporate cannabis companies as sponsors, partners, and vendors. These festivals are great places to educate people about cannabis while also providing them a safe, fun place to enjoy doing it. We have a feeling these cannabis music festivals will go far.