Washington State’s Most Potent Edibles by Volume!

We’re always working to put out the cleanest, most reliable cannabis products possible – it’s what the team at Fairwinds has always been about since our founding in 2015, and it’s the main reason we chose to expand into the more recreationally-focused side of the industry with Passion Flower in 2021. Whether you’re choosing our flowervapes, or live resin concentrates, or edibles, we want our customers to feel confident that they’re buying cannabis that’s 1https://passionflowerwa.com/pesticide-free-concentrates/00% free of any pesticides, heavy metals, molds, or mycotoxins. And now, we’ve added edibles to our product lineup!

So what makes Nectar Drops, Passion Flower’s new edible, stand out from the crowd? Just like everything else we offer, they’re always crafted using 100% pesticide-free oil. But the main things that separate these edibles from other infused beverage options on the market are the lack of emulsifiers used, the minimal size of the product, and the precision dosing. Let’s dive in to discuss why we chose to formulate Nectar Drops the way we did.

Potent. Portable. Precise.

Precise Dosing

Under Washington law, edibles can contain a maximum of 10mg THC per serving and 100mg THC per package. While it makes total sense to limit the amount of THC in recreational edibles, it can be difficult for medical patients (or those with high THC tolerances) to find things that actually work for them. On the other hand, folks who are trying out edibles for the first time or have lower tolerances for THC can have a hard time finding products where they can control the dosing. Nectar Drops provides an elegant solution for both types of consumer! With a precision-dosing technology that dispenses precisely 1mg of THC per drop, it’s easier than ever for customers to dial in their edibles experience and figure out exactly how much THC works best for them.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

With 100mg THC packed into just 3ml of liquid, it’s also easy to see why edibles consumers with higher tolerances would gravitate towards Nectar Drops rather than a 20-oz beverage or 10-pack of cookies. Plus, these drops are perfectly portable and easily reseal – making them a great choice for customers on the go. If you’re saving the rest for later, it’s as simple as inverting the cap and pressing down until you feel a snap!

No Artificial Flavors or Emulsifiers

We wanted to ensure that we were crafting an edible that was more than just small and mighty, but clean and natural, too. Most edibles available in Washington contain large amounts of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners and flavorings – we knew this was a path we didn’t want to take. Plus, did you know that most infused beverages are made with emulsifiers? It’s necessary to keep the cannabis oil from separating from the drink… but the more potent the final product is, the more emulsifiers are necessary to keep the cannabis oil properly suspended. We wanted to provide a cleaner, more natural option for consumers! Much like with Fairwinds Ready To Mix drink powders, we chose to craft Nectar Drops using only natural ingredients while avoiding the use of tons of sugar or any artificial flavorings. Our strawberry and citrus flavors use real fruit juice, and our unflavored strain-specific live resin options are made using only cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. 

When you choose Passion Flower edibles, in addition to getting a small, potent, precise product, you’re also choosing a cleaner, more health-conscious option. We’d love to hear what you think about Nectar Drops! Give us a follow on Instagram or send us an email at any time.

Don’t forget – pesticides are gross, and clean cannabis is possible!

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