Who Will Survive?

The cannabis market as of late has been pretty stagnant in many heavily saturated states like Washington, and in a lot of cases, cannabis sales have actually been on the decline. This overabundance of supply without the necessary demand to keep up has made for a lot of competition among many other producer processors, and the pressure to find new and innovative ways for companies to stand out amongst the crowd is real. At Passion Flower, we have been focused on staying true to what made us start in the first place – A passion for clean cannabis, a passion for education, and a passion for community. These core values have truly kept us grounded in the midst of all the chaos, and have allowed us to continue to grow month after month. 

Headset Feature



When we heard that Passion Flower was the only Washington-based brand to be mentioned in a recent article published by Headset, titled 5 cannabis brands outperforming current market trends in CO & WA  – We felt honored and grateful. Headset is the most used central database for cannabis industry data and analytics, and is used nationwide amongst companies in the cannabis space; So for us, it held a lot of weight to be mentioned in an article written by them and noticed for all of our hard work.


Our Thanks

All that being said, the Passion Flower brand could not have taken on the life that it has without the help of our beloved buyers and budtenders. We absolutely could not do this without you guys, and are so grateful for your devotion to educating yourselves on our products, and in turn recommending them to the public! 

Making the choice to start up a completely new brand in the midst of a pandemic where many established companies were failing, was definitely a palpable risk – But we feel very lucky to have had such a driven and dedicated team of employees here at Passion Flower, who have worked diligently to cultivate a brand that we all can hang our hats on at the end of the day – We promise to continue our commitment to learning, growing and producing the quality products you have come to expect from Passion Flower.

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