Knowing how to store cannabis properly is undoubtedly a valuable skill for all cannabis lovers. It’s equally as important as learning about strains, when to consume what, and where to buy clean, quality weed. Storing cannabis requires some knowledge and a little bit of skill. It is a subtle art, and one not everyone is familiar with. If you want to know more about the right way of storing cannabis and keeping it as fresh as possible for as long as possible, then this article is for you! Let’s dive into some basics about three of the main things that impact the freshness of cannabis – and how to mitigate them.

What Affects the Freshness of Weed?

Most of the things that negatively impact cannabis involve its degradation. Some of these factors include:


Cannabis is very sensitive to temperature changes. At elevated temperatures, cannabinoids begin to degrade. On the other hand, at too low of temperatures, the likelihood of pests and molds can increase. 


To prevent damage by heat, keep your weed somewhere moderate – room temperature or slightly cooler is ideal for cannabis storage. Just like with most other things, it’s best if stored in a cool, dark place without direct exposure to prolonged sunlight or heat.


Humidity is among the biggest threats to dried cannabis – whether there’s too much or too little, it can cause some big problems. If there’s too much moisture in dry cannabis, it can promote its degradation by breaking down trichomes. The presence of too much humidity also provides a breeding ground for molds and bacteria.

On the other hand, extremely low humidity is also not good for cannabis. Low moisture makes cannabis excessively dry, fragile and brittle. This is especially a problem here in Washington, where all cannabis must be prepackaged and can sometimes sit on dispensary shelves for months before being purchased. It can be very difficult to roll cannabis that’s too dry without it disintegrating into powder; cannabis also often loses its taste and some of its effects if it’s too dried out.


To overcome high or low humidity situations, stick to a set range of humidity percentages when possible. A humidity level between 59% and 63% is optimum for keeping the cannabis fresh and safe.

You can also artificially induce optimum humidity in cannabis that’s too dry by using Boveda packs! These two-way humidity control packs contain salt and water beads that regulate moisture levels; they specifically make packs that are designed to provide the perfect humidity for cannabis.


Higher exposure to light can promote faster degradation of compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis. UV light in particular is one of the major factors leading to the degradation of cannabis, as it causes the most rapid degradation of the plant’s compounds. Due to its effects, exposure to too much light during the plant’s life cycle can also be a significant problem for cannabis growers. Light is another prevalent concern in Washington. Prolonged exposure to the lighting used in stores and grow rooms alike can cause what’s referred to as light burn or light bleaching.


To protect your cannabis from the hazards of light, keep them out of reach of direct sunlight or extended exposure to artificial light. Much like with temperature concerns, storing your herb in a cool, dry place will help prevent or slow down light degradation!

Bottom line

Other tips for keeping your cannabis strains fresh include:

  • Keeping different strains in separate containers
  • Avoid using plastic bags to store weed long-term (if you purchase from a brand that packages using plastic, it may be best to move it to a glass jar unless you’ll be smoking it within a few days)
  • Always check for a harvest date where available! Look for fresh cannabis that isn’t more than a few months old

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