Washington seems to be a little confused about its cannabis laws, despite being one of the very first states to legalize cannabis (alongside Colorado).

Washington is one of two states where commercial cannabis is legal but home cultivation by consumers remains prohibited. Furthermore, it is the only legal marijuana state where the practice is considered a felony.

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Washington’s Previous Attempts

The latest effort to allow Washington State adults to grow cannabis at home fell short. It was pulled from consideration ahead of a planned committee vote on the final day before a key legislative deadline.

Nearly every other US state to have legalized marijuana for adults allows some form of home cultivation, and most advocates consider home cultivation as a key part of cannabis reform. Yet Washington politicians have repeatedly rejected efforts to adopt policies on par with other legal-cannabis states.

Since voters approved one of the nation’s first marijuana-legalization ballot measures in 2012, state lawmakers have introduced multiple bills to allow adults to grow plants, to no avail. The first push happened just months after the launch of legal commercial sales, as previous Senator Kohl-Welles (D) sponsored of SB 6083 in 2015. Subsequent home-grow bills were introduced by others in 2017, 2019, 2021 and this year.

Washington’s Leaders Indirect Rejections

Rather than outright reject the proposals, legislative leaders have opted to prevent them from even reaching a final vote. In the case of the latest bill, HB 1614, from Rep. Shelley Kloba (D), Democrats simply pulled the bill during House Appropriations Committee meetings.

“House Bill 1614 is removed from consideration,” announced Rep. Timm Ormsby (D), the committee’s chair, toward the tail end of an all-day hearing. Without further explanation, the panel moved on to the next bill. Apparently this happens so that all future public endeavors are not fully squashed. If state reps know that they don’t have enough votes to win, they may dismiss the vote completely.

Washington’s Citizens are Marching for Homegrow

There is a march in Seattle to bring awareness to this issue on Sunday, August 27th at noon. The march starts in Cal Anderson Park and ends at Westlake. If you’re anywhere near the area and cannabis reform is something that you care about, you should absolutely attend and march with the others.

The purpose of this march is to raise awareness among Washingtonians that Homegrow is still illegal without a medical authorization.  Not only is it illegal, it is a Class C Felony!

WTF, Washington Legislators?!

Washington is one of only two adult-use states that does not have an allowance for growing a plant at home, and the only state that considers a single plant a class C felony.

Homegrow has always been a medical access issue, but now that there are fewer than 90 stores in WA capable of issuing or renewing a medical registrations and only four medically compliant producer/processors in Washington state, growing at home without an authorization is often the only way patients can access plant medicine.

Passion Flower’s Stance

Our pesticide-free flower is loud, and we aim to raise our voices even louder. We know that we sure can pack a punch with our products, and we hope that we give people the strength– dare I say, PASSION– to step out into the world and change it. We stand with those who are pushing to reform homegrown cannabis in Washington State. Medicine is medicine!

pre-roll, marijuana tincture, connected cannabis, proper cannabis, cannabis and glass, smoking lavender, smoking meme, no smoking sign, washington, washington state

Washington Keeps Trying

Ultimately, the bottom line is: GROWING A PLANT SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME. We hope that those who live in the Seattle area will come and participate for this event. Remember, your voice matters!