Nectar Drops – Passion Flower’s First Edible

We were so excited to launch our first edibles under the Passion Flower brand this spring with our Nectar Drops! Delivering exactly 1mg THC per drop and packing 100mg into a petite 3ml vial, our Nectar Drops are officially Washington State’s most potent edible by volume. It’s an honor to be able to provide people across the state with access to a precise, potent, and portable edible option – but since we offer more than one kind of Nectar Drops, we thought it might be helpful to provide our customers with a little more information surrounding just what each one is all about! Plus, with a water-based alternative just around the corner, it’s important for us to help people decide which version is the best for them.

For more general information about what Nectar Drops are, check out our blog on them here, where we cover what goes into making them and what sets them apart from other edibles. 

Flavored Distillate Nectar Drops 

Both of our flavored options – strawberry and citrus – are made using a THC distillate extract. We wanted to have flavored choices available that don’t use any artificial flavoring and taste delicious on their own for those who aren’t necessarily crazy about the taste of cannabis in their edibles. 

Why Choose Distillate?

Because of the way THC distillate is extracted, compounds like terpenes and minor cannabinoids are either not present at all, or there in very small quantities. This means that there isn’t the same depth of effect that’s common when smoking or consuming something made using a different extraction method. The high is often faster-acting and more short-lived, too. This definitely isn’t a drawback! For many consumers, edibles made using other methods can be overwhelmingly potent and/or can cause effects that last for too long, making it an uncomfortable and unenjoyable experience. Since distillate typically provides a calmer high that doesn’t stick around past its welcome, these flavored drops are perfect for those starting out or who have a slightly lower tolerance. Plus, since it often kicks in faster, it can be great for those seeking effects in a shorter time frame.

Even for consumers with a higher THC tolerance, distillate edibles can still be a great choice. As we mentioned, distillate edibles are far less likely to have a “weedy” taste which can make them appealing for those who aren’t a fan. Plus, distillate oil blends more easily with other ingredients like fruit juice – making them a perfect choice for our flavored drops!

Live Resin Nectar Drops

In addition to the two flavors we offer, we’ve also got strain-specific live resin Nectar Drops available. From Sativa-dominant cultivars like Dutch Treat to more Indica-leaning strains like Jelly Breath, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a specific effect with your edibles. Since these are unflavored and are made using a terpene-rich live resin, you’ll definitely notice the aroma and taste of cannabis. Opening one of these 3ml vials is pretty similar to taking the lid off of one of our live resin concentrate jars – you’ll get a strong whiff of terpenes and cannabis goodness! We release different live resin options from time to time, so check with your local dispensary to see what they’ve got in stock.

Why Choose Live Resin? 

Unlike distillate, edibles made with live resin contain a notable amount of terpenes and can be rich in minor cannabinoids as well. Because of how the extract is made, these drops provide a high that’s much closer to what you’d experience if you consumed the strain in another form like smoking or vaping. Live resin edibles typically also produce a longer-lasting high that can take up to 2 hours to kick in. These drops are great for those with a higher THC tolerance and/or consumers seeking a strain-specific experience.

In Conclusion

Much like with anything else when it comes to cannabis, it’s all about finding what works best for you! And since Nectar Drops offer precision dosing – exactly 1mg THC per drop – it’s easy to try them out without getting overwhelmed or feeling too stoned. If you’re looking for something fruit-forward, distillate drops might be the best route for you. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a strain-specific experience, check out the live resin ones instead! Either way, we’d love to hear what you think. Drop us a line any time!

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